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Elements and Principles

By knowing and absorbing the elements and principles of design you attain a valuable intuitive resource. As with the layouts, experimentation is the best way to gain familiarity with these pesky but important precepts. Elements¬† Line – a mark with … Continue reading

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Compositional Layouts

Compositional layouts are the standard ways in which elements are organized in a design. They help bring a sense of purpose and organization to a piece. Thank goodness for collage! The basic nature of the method is for it to … Continue reading

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So Happy to Be Blogging Again!

I am starting over in blogville. Since accidentally deleting old artsy notions and philosophical musings (due to my being indecisive and impatient) I have been so anxious to get back to sharing what I know about one of my biggest … Continue reading

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I deleted my blog by mistake. Ugh! But a fresh start can be a positive thing so here goes… any day now.

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