About Me

My Grandma instilled the love for making things in my psyche when I was a little girl. I am a fabric collage and mixed media artist who is in love with the concept of creativity and all of it’s mystical complexities. Abstract notions and funky juxtapositions coax me into going to curious places within my psyche where artistic chaos and harmony intermingle.

I am the owner of Lucky Hippie™. I create wearable art, accessories and home adornments. You can find my fun and funky mixed media art home adornments on my website www.luckyhippie.com. Artcycled Couture is a collection of unconventional upcycled clothing that I hand embellish using fabric collage techniques. That collection along with handmade jewelry and accessories are being sold on my Etsy shop:  www.luckyhippieshop.etsy.com

Photography is a hobby I dabble in. I get lost in music, am a bit of a sports nut and have some cheffy talents in the kitchen when it comes to healthy cuisine.


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